Capital Smart City M2 Motorway Interchange Approved By NHA

Day by day, Pakistan’s first ever smart city project keep on delivering good news to its investors and shareholders. On 4th February, 2022, the NHA (National Highway Authority) executive board conducted a meeting to discuss agenda of formally approving the construction of the interchange on the M2 Motorway. The approval of the M2 motorway interchange was much awaited for a long time, and via extensive hard work and determination, FDHL and Capital Smart City partners finally received the written approval from the NHA board to commence the construction of the interchange.

With construction set to begin soon, this landmark news comes as a major incentive for people looking to invest in the real estate market.

Perks of M2 Motorway Interchange Approval

The approval of the M2 Interchange brings about a significant positive change for Capital Smart City. Already a hotspot for major investors, upon the completion of this interchange, the housing society is set to see an influx of investors who will look to adopt a smart lifestyle in the capital city of Pakistan.

Not only that, the construction of the interchange will provide easy to-and-fro access to all parts of the twin cities and into the housing society. Islamabad being the most sought-after real estate hub of Pakistan and Capital Smart being the best upcoming housing society, investors will keep a close eye on the developments speeding up in the outskirts of Islamabad.

The construction of the M2 interchange will also add to Capital Smart City’s locational advantage as people will be able to access the housing society from multiple routes.

Located on the motorway, access into the housing society will be extremely stress free because of the widely carpeted roads leading into Capital Smart City.

Before the approval of the M2 interchange, Capital Smart City was only accessible via the Chakri interchange. Due to heavy traffic around that area, it was essential for Capital Smart City to get this approval as soon as possible to divert traffic towards a different entry point of the society.

NHA Criteria for Interchange Approval

NHA was founded in 1991 for planning, developing, operations, repairing, and maintenance of the highways of Pakistan. They are entrusted by the Federal government and the Provincial governments to carry out these tasks in order to maintain order and facilitate strategies of major roads in Pakistan. The approval for interchange constructions come after immense scrutiny of all the legal procedures such as the fact that NHA is not permitted to approve of a motorway interchange within 10 kilometers of an existing interchange and the housing society should apply for approval of the interchange construction when they have completed 75% of the infrastructure development. After reviewing the criterions and conducting various audits of the Capital Smart City housing society, the formal approval was finally granted on the 7th of March, 2022.

What Next for Capital Smart City?

Over the course of the past few months, Capital Smart City has broken barriers and delivered groundbreaking news in regards to their developmental plans. The M2 interchange approval comes as no surprise as the developers and the partners of the housing society are fully invested into developing the best housing society of Pakistan. As time goes on, keep your eyes open towards the happenings at Capital Smart City.