RUDN Enclave Rawalpindi

RUDN Enclave offers the best of luxury and pleasure with its stunning residential and commercial plots. It aims to revolutionize the settlement units in the metropolitan city of Rawalpindi with its modern architecture and sustainable investment plans.

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Society Overview

Spanning over 15000+ Kanal, RUDN Enclave, together with RMRSCO, NESPAK and Disaster Management and Reconstruction (DM&R) will continue to collaborate together in master planning, designing and preparation of land, seismic micro-zonation and preparing bidding documents to further acquire land up to 14,000 Kanal. The agreement between the parties was signed on the 1st of January, 2020.

Luxury in Rawalpindi

RUDN Enclave is quickly becoming a growing hotspot for investment and settlement in Rawalpindi. With state-of-the-art infrastructure and a myriad of amenities, residents of the housing society will truly have all their dreams come true.

RUDN Enclave stays true to its slogan by offering luxurious residential and commercial plots in the general and executive blocks from 5 Marla to 1 Kanal. Along with that, the society also has specifically designated specific areas with plots covering areas from 5 Kanal to 7 Kanal for people looking to build farmhouses.

The housing society offers a feasible venture for individuals looking for residential areas and for businesses looking to further expand their market.

RUDN Enclave Location

Located on Adyala Road, RUDNEnclave makes it a prime position for its residents as it can be accessed from three different routes: Saddar, Bahria Town Phase 8 and Chakri Road. The housing society will also be easily accessed via the proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road, further increasing its ease of accessibility and profitability.

Master Plan

The developers of RUDN Enclave have shown immense expertise in planning the housing society. Aiming to modernize the suburban settlement units in Rawalpindi, RUDN Enclave is currently offering plots in different blocks at different rates in order to meet the escalating demand of real estate in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Interested parties can invest in residential areas, commercial plots and farmhouses right now.

RUDN Enclave Rawalpindi Payment Plan

RUDN Enclave makes sure you get your money’s worth as it offers luxury at the best possible rates in its general and executive blocks. With its wide carpeted roads and the availability of all facilities, the society offers everything one can need to enjoy a luxurious and sustainable life at an extremely affordable rate. Plots are available on 20% down payment with a balance payment to be paid in monthly installments over the course of 4 years.

RUDN Enclave Residential Plots

RUDN Enclave has an excellent array of features in the residential blocks for its residents. With robust and modern infrastructure, the planners and developers have prioritized the convenience and resourcefulness of its residents in the general and executive blocks. By offering plots of 5 Marla to 1 Kanal, the society will offer its residents diversity in terms of their requirements.

RUDN Enclave General Block

In order to incorporate a luxurious lifestyle with affordable living, the general block is the perfect place of residence. With world class living standards and amenities nearby, residents of the general block will have their every needs and wants met in a blink of an eye.

The general block will be easily accessible from the Rawalpindi Ring Road. Due to a slight delay in the RRR project, developments in some parts of the general block had to be halted, but construction has resumed since then. Following are the residential blocks specifically designated to residential activity:

  • Block A
  • Block C

  • Block G
  • Block H

RUDN Enclave Executive Block

Targeting an audience full of ambition and progression, RUDN Enclave has pledged to bring urban integrity into the executive block of the society. By breaking down barriers of international standards, the residents of the executive block will have the best features any housing society has to offer. From luxury to leisure, executive block is everyone’s dream come true.

Leading to Jawa Dam, the executive block of the society was inaugurated on the Adyala Road and will be accessed easily via the Ring Road Rawalpindi through the general block.

RUDN Enclave Commercial Plots

RUDN Enclave has also made room available for extensive commercial activity so to address the growing demand of residents looking to purchase plots in the housing society. By attracting investors and businesses towards the commercial sector, the society will aim to make its commercial sector a gigantic business hub in the heart of Rawalpindi.

Currently, the society is offering plots of 4 Marla and 8 Marla for commercial activity at extremely affordable rates.

Located nearby the residential blocks, businesses and residents of the society are both set for prosperity and convenience in the long run.

RUDN Enclave Farmhouses

The housing society has allotted a separate borough for lush green and magnificent farmhouses. Located at terraced heights, the farmhouses provide a magnificent view of the Khasala Dam. Farmhouses are available at premium rates providing the perfect environment for peace and tranquility.

Farmhouses are currently being offered in two plot sizes:

  • 4 Kanal
  • 8 Kanal

RUDN Enclave Mini Farmhouses

Mini Farmhouses at RUDN Enclave aim to provide economical solutions and stunning views of the housing society. Covering a land of 2 Kanals, investors can now fulfill their dream of owning a farmhouse in Rawalpindi.

The RUDN Enclave introduced their niche of mini farmhouses in Pakistan on the 22nd of January, 2022 so everyone can dream of owning their own farmhouse at premium rates. Contact us to get the latest on the payment and developmental plans.

RUDN Enclave Mini Farmhouses Payment Plan

Mini Farmhouses will cover a land mass of 2 Kanals and will offer extremely premium rates to buy on a 48-month installment plan. Buyers will have to pay an initial down payment of 20% and a final payment of 10% for the final possession of the plot.

Facilities in RUDN Enclave

RUDN Enclave proposes numerous facilities which will fulfill people’s needs and wants significantly. With so much resourcefulness, the society has the potential to become one of the best housing societies in Pakistan.

Below are some of the proposed amenities of the society:

Shopping mall, skywalk, hospital, zoo, movie theatre, schools and colleges, water theme park, sports complex, security, jogging track/parks, food courts, yacht area, Jamia masjid, underground electricity supply.

A world-class shopping mall situated at the heart of RUDN Enclave containing international brands will provide the residents with all the resources necessary to fulfill their necessities.

The society will have its very own hospital with highly qualified doctors and up-to-date medical equipment, ensuring that the residents won’t have to travel long distances for health reasons.

A fantastic zoo, maintained to the highest standards by our excellent staff, containing all sorts of wildlife.

Top-class schools and colleges for children of all ages will ensure that the residents can easily cater to the educational needs of their children.

A superb movie theatre will provide the residents with another mode of luxury. Maintained to the highest standards, it is one other reason to buy a home in RUDN Enclave.

A whole area designated to different kinds of sporting activities will guarantee the residents always have extra-curricular activities to look forward to.

A number of lush green parks and jogging tracks will ensure the housing society has ample space for families to enjoy picnics and other activities.

A number of jogging tracks in the society will enable the residents to remain fit and also adopt a healthy habit in their life.

From desi to continental, all types of cuisines can be found at the society. From international brands to signature street foods of Pakistan, residents of RUDN will have a wide variety of food to choose from.

One of the biggest landmarks of the society will be its Jamia Masjid, providing easy accessibility for a place for the residents to offer their prayers.

Residents can also avail the services of the community center where they can celebrate events such as weddings, birthdays and all sorts of celebratory occasions.

Surveillance of the entire housing society is monitored 24/7 through top-notch surveillance equipment (CCTV cameras and burglar alarms).

RUDN Enclave will be the first place in Pakistan to install a skywalk bridge overlooking the horizon. This is an experience you do not want to miss out on.

The inauguration of societies’s very own water theme park will offer a fun-filled experience for all ages.

Located near two dams (Jawa and Khasala), residents will an option to park their personal yachts near the docks after sailing along either dams.

An efficient underground electricity system will ensure ample supply in the society, without causing any inconvenience to the residents of RUDN Enclave.

Legal Status

The management of RUDN Enclave have taken all measures to ensure no activity is carried out illegally and have submitted relevant documents, pending the approval of the NOC (No Objection Certificate).

Although acquiring certain documents takes time, the management is confident that they will receive the NOC in the near future.

Our Involvement

Homekey Enterprises has been the official sales partner of RUDN Enclave since 2019. We assist our clients in acquiring property (residential and commercial) and we provide consultancy in construction management services. Our sales staff are a group of hardworking individuals, with over 10+ years of experience in the real estate market, so you can contact us here confidently for a fruitful investment in RUDN Enclave.

Owners and Partners

A civil engineer by profession, Mr. Rahim ud din Naeem aims to provide affordable housing units with accessibility to all the basic necessities in RUDN Enclave for its residents. With years of experience in the real estate industry, Mr. Rahim promises to make it the best housing society of Rawalpindi.


One of the biggest companies offering services in engineering, HR and consultancy, RMRSCO Private Limited has established itself internationally with offices in London, Doha, Kabul, Muscat and Tehran. RMRSCO has been involved in mega projects of housing societies all across Pakistan.


One the leading design and planning experts of Pakistan in the real estate market. NESPAK specialize in consultancy, construction and management services in Pakistan. With around 3700 projects completed, NESPAK has proved its dynamism by delivering top quality work in industrial, energy and agrarian sectors of Pakistan.


1Where is RUDN Enclave located?

RUDN Enclave is located on Adyala Road, Rawalpindi and can be accessed through various different routes. Click here to check in detail on how to access the society based on your convenience.

2Is RUDN Enclave a legal housing society?

Despite not getting the NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority) as of yet, it is expected for RUDN to get the NOC very soon. Getting the approval for the supply of electricity and gas from certain authorities often takes time due to a number of reasons, but in a few months RUDN Enclave will officially be declared a legal housing society.

3How do I buy a plot at RUDN Enclave?

You can book an appointment with us here or call us directly at (phone number). Any queries you have will be addressed extensively.

4What is the current price plan for different sizes of plots?

RUDN Enclave offers plots in different sizes. Information in detail on pricing can be found here. However, since real estate is an inflating business, prices are subject to change with time. In which case, please contact us directly to confirm.

5How much of RUDN Enclave is currently developed?

RUDN Enclave currently owns around 18,000 kanal worth of land and development is undergoing currently. There was a slight delay due to the realignment of the proposed Ring Road, but development has been ongoing since then non-stop.

6Should I invest in RUDN Enclave right now?

Absolutely. Property rates are extremely cheap as of right now and since the real estate is a highly profitable business, together with the huge potential of RUDN Enclave, it is definitely an opportunity you should not miss out on.

7What amenities does the society propose?

RUDN Enclave proposes many amenities, much of which can be looked at in further detail here. The proposed facilities will garner a lot of attention in the future.

8Who are the developers behind RUDN Enclave?

RUDN Enclave is a project inaugurated by RMRSCO and Mr. Rahim ud din Naeem is the current CEO. NESPAK and UDPL act as the official urban developers of the housing society.