Balloting Date For Various Capital Smart City Districts Announced

Less than a month after Capital Smart City held a balloting event for the Overseas Central Block, the Smart City has now again emerged with major news, announcing the official balloting date for the Overseas Prime, Harmony Park and Harmony Park Overseas blocks.

The event ceremony is set to be held on the 30th of May, 2022, and is primed to be another landmark day in the history of Capital Smart City. Plot holders in the Overseas Prime, Harmony Park, and Harmony Park Overseas blocks are encouraged to attend the event to find out the fate of their property investments.
The balloting of the aforementioned blocks was long awaited and things are now speeding up in the housing society upon the formal approval of the M2 Motorway Interchange.

About The Overseas Prime and Harmony Blocks

The Overseas Prime and Harmony Park are the most sought after blocks of the housing society due to their locational advantage and also due to their locational advantage.

Surrounded by lush green hills, the Overseas Prime Block is located in the elevated areas of Capital Smart City whilst providing a gorgeous scenic and a panoramic view of the society. The overseas prime block was inaugurated in September of 2020.

The block is located situated adjacent to Capital Hills and can be accessed directly via the Chakri Interchange entrance.

After the overseas block, Harmony Park Block is the most in-demand settlement area at Capital Smart City. Harmony Park Block is situated near the main boulevard and the executive blocks, which gives the residents direct access to all parts of the society to enjoy smart features. Residential plots in the Harmony Park Blocks are affordable, comfortable and set the standard of luxuriousness. People on the lookout for sustainable and luxurious housing units can buy a house or fully furnished apartments at the heart of Capital Smart City very soon.

Balloting Details

For the Overseas Prime Block, plot holders are requested to pay their outstanding dues by the 20th of April, 2022 or they must make sure to make a 50% payment of the total plot price to become eligible for the ballot. For transferred files, 50% payment shall be paid by the customer to meet the eligibility criteria for the ballot.

For the Harmony Park Block, the outstanding dues shall be cleared by the 20th of April or a 50% payment shall be paid to qualify for the balloting of the Harmony Park block.

The Smart City management will start issuing acknowledgement receipts confirming the customer’s place in a ballot so everyone is encouraged to avail their receipt after clearing their dues with Capital Smart City.

It must be duly noted that the Smart City management will not allow for any extension for the clearance of outstanding dues, issuance of acknowledgement receipts and location selection.

Customers and members are requested to make payments online, via pay order or cash.

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