Reasons to Invest in Overseas Prime Block Capital Smart City Islamabad

The nature of demand in the development housing settlement units has been on a monumental rise over the past few years in Pakistan. More and more people looking to move to bigger cities to experience the life of a suburban resident, real estate developers of Pakistan have been putting extra emphasis on assembling high-class, affordable and luxurious housing societies all over the country.

One such opportunity comes in the Overseas Prime Block of Capital Smart City. Commenced in 2019, it is quickly becoming a hot spot for investors to dip their toes in as it is strategically planned on the basis of providing sustainability and luxury to its residents. With its own dedicated entrance on Chakri Road, it offers easy access to all the major landmarks of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Sharing the junction between the two twin cities, the Overseas Prime Block serves as the most in-demand and luxurious residential wing of Capital Smart City. Before the Overseas Prime Block escalates in value, here are a list of reasons on why you should invest in the most popular block of Capital Smart City.

Master Plan of Overseas Prime Block Capital Smart City Islamabad with Plot Numbers.

Smart Features

Developed and architected on the philosophy of building a first-ever smart city in Pakistan, Capital Smart City is designed to meet the needs of the residents in numerous ways. The Overseas Prime Block is laced with state-of-the-art infrastructure and features that will make livelihoods easy. From widely carpeted roads to the city’s own BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) and QR coded hybrid bike system, the residents will be able to commute to anywhere inside the confines of the housing societies.

Not only that, Capital Smart City will offer its very own first-of-a-kind smart villas in the Overseas Prime Block. These villas will be equipped the latest technological features which will allow the inhabitants to control the functions of their homes on their fingertips. From managing security to organizing electric and gas supply, all of it can be achieved through a click on your smartphone. Through collaborations with international urban development firms, Capital Smart City ensures that implementation of such technology is something you should not miss out on.

Commercial Activity

The masterplan of the Overseas Prime Block shows how the developers of the housing society will embellish the block with an array of commercial activity. Aided by the best property developers around the world, Capital Smart City plans on building a commercial hub to provide convenience to its residents. With commercial plots situated 40 meters away from residential areas, people can enjoy a swift commute to marketplaces and fulfill their needs. The commercial hub will also contain deluxe shopping malls with modern features and international brands which will bring cultures all around the world to a single housing society.

Stunning Facilities

It is the basic requirement of residents from any housing society that they have all the basic facilities available nearby and more. The developers of Capital Smart City have put extra emphasis on providing all the resources to the residents of the Overseas Prime Block. From top-notch healthcare facilities, education city, an F-2 race track to a world class PGA standard golf course lining up in the middle of the block to provide a fully furnished lush green look to the Overseas Prime Block. Missing out on all these facilities is an opportunity wasted.

Life of Luxury

Imagine a grandiose house sitting on top of a hill overlooking a beautiful beach, equipped with the best technological features. You might be visualizing a house in Malibu, but your dreams can come true in the Overseas Prime Block of Capital Smart City. With tons and tons of amenities and never-before-seen luxurious housing settlement units, Capital Smart City is your ideal destination. Whether you’re looking to settle down or start a new life altogether, there aren’t many options that come close to the life awaiting you at the next best housing society of Pakistan.

In often cases, people miss out on profitable investment opportunities or are often misled by the product being marketed. The Capital Smart City project, however, is not something you should cast a blind eye to. With plot rates in the Overseas Prime Block currently being offered at an extremely premium rate, right now is the time to start planning for your future. By bringing elements of luxury and affordability together, Capital Smart City is the best answer to your investment dilemmas. To learn more about the housing society, visit the website of Capital Smart City’s official sales partner, HomeKey Enterprises or write an email at [email protected] to get the latest payment plans.