Capital Smart City Islamabad

Capital Smart City is Pakistan’s first ever smart city, located near the M2 motorway. By offering everything you could ask for, it brings excellent investment opportunities for the people of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Invest now for a prosperous future!

    Why Capital Smart City?

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    Society Overview

    Covering a space of land up to 55,000 Kanal, Capital Smart City is a mega project which is destined to be completed in in five years’ time. Ideally located near the Islamabad International Airport, CSC will be an extremely incentivizing for people looking to settle down in Pakistan’s capital.

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    The Only Smart City in Pakistan

    Aiming to become the first smart city of Pakistan, Capital Smart City is a collaboration of Future Development Holding Private Limited (FHDL) and Habib Rafiq Private Limited (HRL) which was inaugurated in (year). CSC aspires to reach urban resiliency through economic, environmental and social integration by proposing an eco-friendly infrastructure, economic growth and educational development for Pakistan.

    Through its comprehensive urban management model, Capital Smart City assimilates modern technology so cities are able to function sustainably and reliably.

    Capital Smart City Location

    To address the increasing demand of housing settlement units in Islamabad, Capital Smart City is only a few minutes’ drive away from the International Islamabad Airport. The M2 motorway also serves as the gateway to CSC as in 2020, a motorway interchange was approved for entry into the housing society near the Thallian Interchange which will be called ‘Smart Interchange’. Additionally, the development of the CPEC route in the near future will also open up mediums for entry into CSC Islamabad.

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    Master Plan

    Currently being developed in the outskirts of Islamabad, CSC provides affordable and luxurious plans for everyone looking to reside on a long term basis. Based on the requirements and the budget, investors and settlers can buy lands in high density districts, medium density districts, farmhouses or shared smart villas:

    • High density districts (5 Marla)
    • Medium density districts (10 Marla – 2 Kanal)
    • Farmhouses (4 – 8 Kanal)
    • Smart Villas

    Smart Features

    As the name suggests, CSC values the importance of maintaining smart features all around the society. By incorporating new technological ways and measures, the developers of the society will make sure their residents have access to:

    • Smart infrastructure
    • Smart BRT and transportation systems
    • Smart interconnectivity
    • Smart and secure security surveillance systems
    • Smart facilities
    • Smart electric and gas supply

    By providing these features, the residents of CSC will remain self-sustaining and fulfilled.


    Capital Smart City is a properly planned housing society in development with a huge area of land. The land developers have distinctly divided the society into 14 different districts, all comprising of state of the art smart facilities and features. Mentioned below are the names of all the districts in CSC.

    • Gate Precinct
    • Aviation District
    • Crystal Lake
    • Financial Square
    • Lake View Terrace
    • Education District
    • Healthcare District
    • The Terraces
    • Capital Hills
    • Overseas District
    • Executive Block
    • Hills View Heights
    • Cultural Heritage District
    • Sports District

    Capital Smart City Payment Plan

    CSC offers plots of all sizes in all corners of the society. The land covers area of 14 different districts and has plots available in the residential and commercial areas at extremely economical rates.

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    Capital Smart City Residential Plots

    Residential plots in CSC will be designated to four different blocks located in different areas of the society. Each block will have plots of certain sizes to address the resident’s suitability.

    Capital Smart City Overseas Block

    The overseas block offers grandiose views of the society. With widely carpeted roads and European inspired infrastructure, the overseas block maintains the highest standard of living in CSC and is the perfect investment opportunity for overseas Pakistani nationals. Due to its high demand, it is the safest investment opportunity for investors.

    Easily accessible from the Motorway Interchange and adjacent to the Main Boulevard, residents in the overseas block have convenient networks of commute and facilities.

    Capital Smart City Harmony Park Block

    After the overseas block, Harmony Park block has the most demanded settlement units of CSC Islamabad. Harmony Park block is situated near the main boulevard and the executive blocks, which gives the residents direct access to all parts of the society. Affordable, comfortable and luxurious, you can buy a house or fully furnished apartments at the heart of CSC.

    Capital Smart City Executive Block

    Overlooking the beautiful Kahiri Murat reserve forest, the executive block offers lush green views and serenity for the residents. Offering residential villas and plots from 5 Marla to 2 Kanal, it serves as the perfect residential location for families with its top notch 24/7 security and maintenance systems.

    Located between the river bed and the golf course, the executive block will quickly become the most popular residential destination in the future.

    Capital Smart City Overseas Prime Block

    Surrounded by lush green hills, the overseas prime block is designated to elevated areas of CSC and provides gorgeous scenic, panoramic views of the society. The overseas prime block was inaugurated in September of 2020.

    The block is located situated adjacent to Capital Hills and can be accessed via the Chakri Interchange entrance.

    Capital Smart City Commercial Plots

    The housing society leaves room for commercial activity so businesses can flourish and residents of CSC have access to all the resources they need to enjoy a comfortable life. With developments in the residential sector speeding up, it is the perfect time to invest in the commercial units of CSC. By opening the doors to commercial activity, CSC will build a vibrant community celebrating different international cultures. Subject to 2021, CSC have been offering opportunities of investment in three different plot categories. It offers commercial plots for businesses in the following capacities:

    • 4 Marla
    • 6 Marla
    • 8 Marla

    Location of Commercial Plots

    With commercial activity being kept away from the main boulevard, the purchasing of commercial plots are currently only limited to only three blocks:

    • Executive Block
    • Overseas Block
    • Harmony Park Block

    According to the masterplan of CSC, residential areas and commercial activities are only 400 meters away from each other. However, with further development on the horizon, CSC will surely seek to expand commercial activity in all districts of the society.

    Capital Smart City Farmhouses

    Capital Smart City has the city’s finest farmhouses with lush green nature reserves and stunning views in the horizons. Available at extremely affordable rates, they serve as the perfect safe haven for families looking to make a brief weekend getaway from the city’s hustle and bustle.

    CSC is currently offering premium farmhouses rates for different plot sizes of 4 Kanals and 8 Kanals.

    Capital Smart City Smart Villas

    Taking inspiration from Trivelles Smart Homes, CSC will build its own class of luxurious smart villas, all equipped with smart features of the highest standards. By allowing the residents to control security, temperature and lighting in their homes from their phones, it is the perfect investment opportunity and an even better opportunity for people looking to settle down with their families.

    Facilities in CSC Islamabad

    A beautiful crystal lake with a floating village covering all corners to add serenity and greenery to the housing society. With hospitality services available nearby, it is the perfect location for people to spend time with their families.

    A synthetically architected China village celebrating cultures from the eastern part of the world. A vicinity full of colors and surprises is a sight you do not want to miss out on.

    State of the art medical facilities; from hospitals to clinics to laboratories, residents of the society will have access to premium healthcare services.

    Capital Smart City will contain its very own financial square where businesses can flourish and create jobs for people all over Islamabad.

    From schools to colleges, the standard of educational facilities will be premium. Currently in the process of building a National Defense University campus, CSC also plans to build various schools to target all demographics.

    Spanning over 55000 kanal, the society will be introducing a fantastic public transportation system to reduce the amounts of carbon emission so the city remains clean and green.

    First class infrastructure will ensure that CSC remains a gated community with excellent carpeted road networks, parks with running tracks and other top class set-ups.

    Beautifully maintained gardens of all sorts will provide an excellent channel to celebrate the colors of different seasons.

    Top-grade CCTV equipment will ensure surveillance of the highest quality is maintained 24/7. Along with that, CSC will also collaborate with security firms for their services in maintaining law and order in the society.

    A superb electricity grid system will ensure that the society remains load-shedding free through the use of both renewable and nonrenewable sources to generate electricity.

    Capital Smart City will stay true to its name by introducing means of ensuring sustainability and longevity of the housing society. Electric bikes, automated traffic control and an automated utility supply are all in the plans of CSC.

    The society plans on constructing many mosques in every sector of the society including one grand mosque which will serve as one of the landmarks of Islamabad.

    Our Involvement

    Ever since its inception, HomeKey Enterprises and Capital Smart City have collaborated collectively to offer services in sales, marketing and consultancy to various clients. Be it the residential sector or the commercial sector, HomeKey Enterprises is Capital Smart City’s go-to real estate agency for the selling and purchasing of houses, villas and plazas. HomeKey Enterprises acts as the official Diamond Sales Partner of CSC Islamabad.

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    Owners and Partners

    Capital Smart City has been in collaboration with Pakistan’s best urban developers and designers to ensure the residents of the society has ample amounts of resources and amenities for a luxurious and sustainable life.

    Habib Rafiq (PVT) Ltd.

    A pioneer in the real estate market, Habib Rafiq Private Limited has delivered excellent construction management services to various high class housing societies like Bahria Town and Defence Housing Authority (DHA). Committing to Capital Smart City, HRL has big plans for the first smart city in Pakistan.

    Future Development Holdings (PVT) Ltd.

    FDHL has been involved in the developing communities and housing societies through its strategic investments, innovative urban planning schemes and asset management analysis. By utilizing new technological methods, FDHL aims to make Capital Smart City the best housing society of Pakistan.

    Surbana Jurong

    Surbana Jurong has been involved in mega projects around the world. From constructing over 100 industrial parks around the world to building millions of homes in over 30 countries.

    Together with HRL and FDHL, Surbana Jurong has taken the initiative to design and act as the master planner of Capital Smart City to provide a sustainable way of living for the residents of Pakistan.

    Movenpick Hotels & Resorts

    Based in Switzerland, Movenpick is a hospitality firm founded in 1948 by the late Ueli Prager. Movenpick is the pioneer of luxurious and modern style hospitality of hotel chains across the world. Movenpick promises to build a hotel in Capital Smart City consisting of over 250 rooms and 150 serviced apartments.

    Harradine Golf

    Harradine Golf was the brainchild of Don Harradine, established in 1959. He has supervised, constructed, designed and remodeled many homes and golf cities across the world. Harradine plans to construct a PGA quality standard golf course in Capital Smart City.

    Freij Entertainment International

    Operating since 1987, Freij Entertainment International is the world’s largest operator of amusement rides, circus’ and outdoor events.

    With no competitor up to their benchmark, Freij Entertainment International plans to build an outstanding and state of the art amusement park in Capital Smart City.

    National Defense University

    Capital Smart City aims to provide the best quality of life to its residents, by building a stunning campus of the National Defense University at the heart of the housing society.

    From quality living to quality education, the residents of Capital Smart City will have everything they need to fulfill their desires.

    Trivelles Smart Homes

    Trivelles Smart Homes has been United Kingdom’s top property development firm in the last 25 years. Homes and apartments developed by Trivelles Smart Homes are equipped with modern facilities and top-notch equipment. Trivelles will aim to build homes at Capital Smart City so that its residents will have the best experience of their life, full of luxury and leisure. By bringing the concept of these smart homes to CSC, residents will have the opportunity to buy their dream homes at the best rate possible.


    Where is Capital Smart City located?
    Capital Smart City is located in Mouza Chahan & Mandwal, Rawalpindi on Motorway (M2) near the new Islamabad International Airport.

    Is Capital Smart City worth investing in?
    Of course. Capital Smart City is a project with a very high potential on giving out returns. Other than that, it is highly recommended that people start building homes at Capital Smart City as it a pristine location to settle down at.

    Who are the owners and partners of CSC?
    Capital Smart is a collective project of FDHL (Future Development Holdings) and HRL (Habib Rafiq Private Limited). Both parties have invested and partnered with various multinational firms to deliver the best end product for their residents. More information can be found here.

    How much land area does Capital Smart City cover?
    Capital Smart City covers land up to 55,000 kanal, and construction in various sectors has already started.

    What is the pricing plan of Capital Smart City?
    Although prices are subjected to change with respect to time, CSC offers land areas of all sorts so the customer can make a suitable and a budgeted decision for themselves. Capital Smart City’s pricing plan for every sector can be looked at in detail here. For any other information in regards to Capital Smart City, please contact us.

    What facilities are there in CSC?
    Capital Smart City offers top quality facilities all over the housing society. With never before seen projects already underway in the society, more information on facilities and amenities can be found here.

    How do I buy a plot in Capital Smart City?
    You can book an appointment with a HomeKey Enterprises Sales Executive by clicking here. We have been working with Capital Smart City ever since its inception and are officially recognized as the official Diamond Sales Partner of the project. Best believe you are making the right decision by contacting us.